Articles and Blog Posts From September 2016

Drugs Big Business for Ohio Dealers

"People would be walking around shopping, and they wouldn't know what was happening," recalled Botbyl, of Norwalk, who has been clean for three years and is studying to be a pastor.  "You'd never meet the guy you talked to on the phone." The heroin was from Mexico, and all the runners generally spoke Spanish with very little English known to them.  The Mexican cartels, mostly from South America or… Read more

Ohio Dealers and the Drug Business

Ohio Dealers and the Drug Business Brian Joslyn of Joslyn Law Firm was recently quoted in a WKYC NBC 3 story about the drug trade in Ohio. The story entitled “Drugs big business for Ohio dealers,” mainly discusses drug distribution in the state and the plight of low level drug dealers. Most illegal drugs in Ohio come from Mexico and control of the trade in the state lays in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The high level drug dealers… Read more

'Band of Thieves' Ringleader Gets Max Sentence in Clark County Court

Accused ring leader of a crime ring in Clark County which had been named "Band of Thieves" which spanned over 11 different counties in Ohio and stole valuables that equated up to millions will be spending 27 years in prison. Ricky Terry pleaded guilty in August to more than a dozen charges which included engaging in corrupt activity, theft, and breaking and entering.  He received the maximum sentence… Read more

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