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Ohio K-9 Drug Dogs Can’t Distinguish Hemp and Marijuana

Ohio K-9 Drug Dogs Can’t Distinguish Hemp and Marijuana Law enforcement has utilized police dogs for drug searches for years in Ohio. Now, a newly passed law could turn law enforcement’s long distinguished K-9 drug unit on its head. Ohio has recently passed a new hemp law, which states that any cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC is now considered to be legal hemp. Hemp is a strain of cannabis with low THC and can be refined into a variety of commercial… Read more

Delbert Matthews Criminal Trial

Delbert Matthews Criminal Trial It took the jury only two hours to determine that Delbert Matthews was an innocent man. Matthews was arrested and formally charged with kidnapping, rape, and two counts of abduction in January of 2019. The allegations stemmed from an occurrence at a Travelodge in Mansfield, Ohio in July of 2018. The alleged victim was his wife, Kim Matthews. Originally expecting his trial to begin in April, Matthews… Read more

Cold Case Reopened; Ohio Man Accused of Murdering His Family 11 Years Later

Cold Case Reopened; Ohio Man Accused of Murdering His Family 11 Years Later Questions that have remained unanswered for 11 years surrounding a cold case may finally come to light this year. Peter Romans, a 59-year-old Madison County resident, has been charged with killing his entire family via arson which included 51-year-old wife Billi, his son Caleb and their teenaged daughter Ami.  The circumstances surrounding the night of the murder are unusual to say the least. Authorities… Read more

Former Student Accused with Threatening Grove City Schools

The Grove City Area school district was in a panic after a threat was reported by law enforcement this Tuesday. While police did not give a description of the threat, they did say it was “vague” in nature. As a cautionary measure, parents were notified and 15 schools were placed on lockdown, meaning no students were allowed outside for any reason. The lockdown was lifted before 9 a.m. after law enforcement… Read more

Man Killed by Employee at Columbus Smoke Shop

Man Killed by Employee at Columbus Smoke Shop A man was shot outside of a smoke shop in Columbus this Tuesday and authorities are trying to find out why. Oscar Louis Morgan Jr., 24-year-old man, was shopping at the Outlet Smoke Shop in McNaughten Centre around 1 a.m on May 14. Witnesses state Morgan was reportedly intoxicated when he entered the store and started physical altercations with both customers and employees. Morgan’s behavior escalated… Read more

Ohio Mom Gets 10 Years for Leaving Baby in Hot Car

Last September 4th, a woman from Zanesville named Samantha Donohoe went inside her apartment. While in the apartment, Donohoe left her two-month-old son in the car for hours with the heat index that day reaching 97 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius. The child was found dead when Donohoe returned to the scene. Prosecutors are now stating the temperature inside the vehicle reached 130 degrees… Read more

Ohio Man Allegedly Killed Infant Son in Warren

On April 29th, an indictment was unsealed for 27-year-old Cody Colwell for the murder and felonious assault of his two children. Colwell, a Warren County resident, was charged after his 2-month-old son Cayden Colwell died in a suspicious manner.  Authorities found the child after responding to a 911 call. The call was from Colwell who stated Cayden had suddenly become unresponsive in their Clearcreek… Read more

Police Investigate Woman’s Body in Franklin County

Police Investigate Woman’s Body in Franklin County Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating after a woman’s body was discovered Thursday morning by a person out on a walk. Both Mifflin Township, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are working together to assess the crime scene and learn how the woman died. Mifflin Township Police spokeswoman Melissa Rap reported the body was 20 to 30… Read more

Woman Arrested for Setting Fire to Hocking County Courthouse

Woman Arrested for Setting Fire to Hocking County Courthouse Miranda L. McCormick, 31, of Logan was arrested after allegedly starting a fire at the Hocking County Courthouse just after midnight Tuesday morning. McCormick has been charged with aggravated arson. She still may face more charges.  According to the Logan Police Department, officers were called to the 300 block of West Main Street after receiving reports that a subject was throwing bricks through… Read more

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