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Franklin County Casino May Lead to More Tourist Arrests

Casinos often get a bad rap about crime. People think of "The Godfather" and other mob movies, and think casinos are all run by organized crime families, even though most of them are run by huge corporations. Even worse, some people think that casinos are magnets for crime -- that they draw people who will commit crimes. In reality, casinos are likely to increase arrests in the area surrounding them,… Read more

Even if Acquitted, State Gets to Keep Your DNA

Under an Ohio Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, prosecutors can keep your DNA on file to use as evidence for future cases -- even if you were ultimately acquitted on the charges for which they took your DNA to begin with. In the case before the Court, the state took DNA from Cleveland man Dajuan Emerson while he was under investigation for rape in 2005. Police found seminal fluid on the victim.… Read more

Be Cautious About Disposable Breathalyzers

When you're out on the town or at a friend's party in Columbus, you might be attempting to keep track of your alcohol intake, hoping to keep it at a level below the legal limit so you can skip the expense of a cab. Many times, though, it might be hard to calculate exactly how much you've had and when you had it at the end of the night. Whenever you're in that situation, it's always a risk getting behind… Read more

Ohio Cracks Down on Prescription Drugs

Recently, national news sources have done stories on "pharm parties." Pharm parties are small gatherings of teenagers who collect an assortment of prescription pills, usually either stealing them from their parents or purchasing them on the black market. They then might dump all the pills in a bowl and will roll dice. Whatever number they roll, they ingest that number of pills, often with a swig of… Read more

Ohio State Highway Patrol Double DUI Checkpoints During Labor Day Weekend; Columbus DUI Defense Attorney Brian Joslyn Discusses Increased Patrol

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Labor Day weekend results in the most fatalities each year than any other holiday. Approximately 187 people were killed on Ohio roads between 2000 and 2010, during Labor Day weekends. Over that same decade, that's 23 more than both the 164 people killed in crashes during the 4th of July weekends and 164 people also killed during Thanksgiving… Read more

Columbus Attorney Discusses Ohio Supreme Court Order to Require Legal Consult for Juveniles

In what can be a complex system for anyone, the Ohio legal system can both overwhelm and intimidate those who do not have a strong grasp of the subject. This is particularly the case for minors accused of juvenile offenses. The vast majority will be unaware of their rights and the legal protection that is afforded to them. This fact was not lost in the Ohio Supreme Court last month, when they ruled… Read more

Know Your Rights During a 4th of July DUI Stop in Columbus, OH

While the 4th of July does fall on a Wednesday this year, this will not stop thousands of people throughout Hamilton County, OH, from enjoying public and private celebrations. Last year, Ohio State Highway Patrol reportedly arrested 598 drivers for OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence) on the Fourth of July. This number is likely to decrease for a holiday that takes place over the weekday. However,… Read more

Ohio Lawmakers Reducing Restrictions on Concealed Handgun Laws; Columbus Gun Crimes Lawyer Brian Joslyn Discusses Changes

Proposed changes to Ohio's concealed handgun legislation may soon be made into law, easing some restrictions to renew a concealed handgun license, clarifying the definition of a loaded gun and acknowledging permit holder's rights across states lines.  The amendment to Ohio's concealed weapons laws passed the Ohio House of Representatives this week with a 59-28 vote and will now move to the Ohio Senate… Read more

New OhioTexting While Driving Ban Targets Teens

Changes to Ohio traffic laws get underway this month after Ohio Governor John R. Kasich recently signed House Bill 99 into law.  June 1 marks the beginning of the new law being put into place; however, drivers can expect a 6-month warning period after the effective date.  During this time, law enforcement officers will issue warnings, not citations. Potential consequences to the texting while driving… Read more

Memorial Weekend 2012 DUI/OVI Stops in Columbus: Understanding Your Rights

Memorial Day is a holiday in which we celebrate the service given by the men and women of our Armed Forces throughout the decades. People choose to celebrate this holiday (which generally marks the beginning of summer) in many ways. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and local police departments, including the Columbus Division of Police, will be especially vigilant to ensure the safety of the community. One… Read more

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