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What To Do If Your Teen Is Arrested for Pot Possession

What To Do If Your Teen Is Arrested for Pot Possession Did you know that 54% of Americans have said that they smoke pot and that they're parents? If you fit in this statistic, you may not be surprised that your teen smoked pot, but are probably a bit disappointed that they didn't tell you, and are also stressed out over the arrest. An arrest is significant no matter the circumstances. However, the more aware you are of the consequences, the better decision… Read more

Marijuana Charges in Columbus Ohio

Marijuana Charges in Columbus Ohio The use of marijuana is not a new concept. Humans have consumed it in some form or another for over five millennia, and nearly half of the population of the United States has tried it. While other states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana, it remains illegal under Ohio state law. Possession, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, and transportation of marijuana will be relentlessly pursued… Read more

What You Should Know About Marijuana Possession in Ohio

Unlike some states, possession of marijuana is still a crime in Ohio, even if it is used for medicinal purposes. Indeed, conviction of possession of marijuana can lead to incarceration and, in some cases, felony charges. In addition to possible fines and incarceration, conviction of possession of any amount of marijuana will result in the suspension of your drivers' license for at least six months… Read more

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