Associate Attorney - Joslyn Law Firm

Owen Kalis is an associate attorney at Joslyn Law Firm. While practicing as a young attorney, Owen was immediately drawn to the practice of criminal defense. Owen chose to focus his law practice exclusively on the defense of the accused because he is determined to protect the rights of others. Owen understands that the basis of a strong judiciary is the real-world application of the legal principle that one is innocent until proven guilty. Owen wants to dedicate his practice to protecting the rights of those accused with empathy, compassion, and communication.

Owen is an energetic and tenacious advocate for clients who have been the subject of improper action or inaction by the government. Owen’s committed work ethic, compounded with his determined attitude to zealously fight for his clients prompts him to meticulously evaluate each case in order to uncover any and all inconsistencies the government asserts against the accused.  Exhaustive investigation and thorough preparation illustrate the approach he takes to defending every accusation leveled at his clients. Owen invests himself with this rigorous approach because he strives to avoid uncertain outcomes, because he knows that his client’s relationships, freedoms, and livelihoods are at stake throughout a criminal prosecution.

Owen is committed to forming a unified and effective attorney-client relationship, to ensure the best possible outcome of the case. Owen’s personable and outgoing personality enables him to connect easily with clients in order to most effectively argue on all client’s behalf. By revealing the true character of the client, Owen can effectively present the client’s case.

Prior to joining the Joslyn Law Firm, Owen was an associate attorney at Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz. There, he successfully adjudicated numerous social security disability cases through his opening and closing statements. Owen has a unique amount of litigation experience including advocating for clients in over hundreds of Administrative Law Hearings. Owen has been acknowledged for providing outstanding client-focused representation to clients from all areas of life. Owen’s exceptional understanding of the procedures of litigation permits him to frame the best possible defense for each client.

Owen is licensed in The State of Ohio and the Southern District of Ohio Federal Court. Owen received his Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School and his Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. Prior to attending Ohio State, Owen played collegiate soccer at The University of Memphis.