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A College Student’s Guide: Know Your Legal Rights on Campus

A College Student’s Guide: Know Your Legal Rights on Campus College students are protected by federal laws from mistreatment while on campus. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 bans sexual discrimination at schools receiving federal funds. In addition, minority students, transgender students, and students with disabilities have legal rights and protections under federal…
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The Dangers of Binge Drinking

The Dangers of Binge Drinking Drinking alcohol is a popular activity, and many people like to do it to relax and have fun. Those who drink legally, carefully, and in moderation shouldn’t have any problems with alcohol. However, there are many people who misuse alcohol, with potentially dangerous consequences. Binge drinking, or drinking heavily in…
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Judicial Elections Matter. Who Are You Voting For?

With this year’s presidential election being in the spotlight, it’s important to understand that judicial elections equally matter. In fact, I would suggest that judicial elections may be more impactful on your daily life than the national elections. Your President, Governor, or congressman cannot put you in jail, take away your children or order you…
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Playing It Safe This Halloween in Ohio

Halloween is one of the most memorable and beloved holidays for children and adults alike. Whether you have family traditions of decorating your home into a makeshift haunted house or simply enjoying the constant stream of trick-or-treaters, it’s a holiday that allows kids to be kids and parents to revive their youthful imagination. That said,…
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5 Things To Do After a Retail Theft in Columbus, Ohio

Shoplifting, also referred to as retail theft, can be a pretty serious crime. Depending upon the value of the goods stolen, it can either be a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Retail theft is not taken lightly in Columbus, and you must know what to do after a shoplifting accusation.  It’s because being aware of…
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