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Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Aggressively Representing Our Clients in Delaware County Courts, Including the Juvenile Court, Municipal Court, and Court of Common Pleas

It isn’t uncommon for Delaware County residents to face traffic violations and criminal charges with harsh potential sentences attached. The fact is that our criminal justice system leaves most defendants in a one-down position, and even a minor conviction can lead to serious fines, penalties, and social consequences. Further, just because the charge is minor doesn’t mean that the prosecutor is going to go easy on you. On the contrary, you should be prepared for just the opposite to happen, which is why you need a focused and formidable criminal defense attorney on your side.


At Joslyn Law Firm, we’re committed to zealously defending our clients at the Delaware County Juvenile Court, Delaware County Municipal Court, and the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, and we’re proud to represent clients in all of the following cities (and more besides):



If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, has been arrested in relation to criminal charges, has a warrant out for your arrest, or is facing a traffic or ordinance violation, we’re on your side. Our firm is well versed in the ins-and-outs of the Delaware County courts, and this includes being very familiar with the judges, clerks, and staff at each. Our impressive experience in all of Delaware County’s courts leaves us especially well-suited to helping you obtain your most favorable case resolution. 

Delaware County Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Joslyn Law Firm, we represent adults and juveniles across Central Ohio who face criminal charges of all kinds. Our legal team is led by award-winning lawyer Brian Joslyn, and our focus is providing every criminal defense matter – whether it involves a violent felony, a simple misdemeanor, or anything in between – the careful legal attention it deserves (because everyone facing criminal charges has the right to a solid legal defense). Our impressive track record (which includes legal victories that span a wide range of criminal cases) speaks for itself, and you can trust that we’re well prepared to skillfully defend your rights in support of your case’s just resolution.


If you or your child has been arrested in Delaware County, do yourself and your case a favor by making the Joslyn Law Firm your first call ((614) 444-1900). To begin, we’ll evaluate your case with a critical eye for its legal strengths and challenges – in our ongoing effort to protect your legal rights and best interests. We’ll work closely with you to help ensure that you understand the charges you’re facing, the potential outcomes, the most likely outcome, and your most robust defense strategy moving forward. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as it’s possible to do so.

Delaware County Criminal Courts Information Center

In order to get a better feel for Delaware County’s criminal court system, consider all of the following general information (which you can find below):


  1. Delaware County Overview and General Information
  2. Common Criminal Charges in Delaware County
  3. Penalties for Criminal Convictions in Delaware County
  4. Warrants in Delaware County
  5. Hiring a Delaware County Criminal Defense Attorney
  6. Delaware County Criminal Defense Q&A
  7. Delaware County Law Enforcement and Other Agencies
  8. Delaware County Resources
  9. Delaware County News
  10. Delaware County Court Location and Contact Information

 To discover more about your case specifically, however, it’s important to contact our office directly. 

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1. Delaware County Overview and General Information

Delaware County is 457 square miles in the center of the beautiful State of Ohio, and despite its inland location, it sports the most shoreline of any of the state’s counties (due to its rivers, reservoirs, creeks, and lakes. The county seat of Delaware County is the City of Delaware, which is just 25 miles north of downtown Columbus (a portion of which is housed in Delaware County – along with portions of Dublin and Westerville). The county’s estimated population for 2020 is 213,336, which is up 25 percent from the 2010 census. Finally, Delaware County is – by all accounts – a healthy county; The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation named it the Healthiest County in Ohio for four years running (2015-2019), and U.S. News & World Report ranked it the twelfth healthiest county in the U.S. in 2018. The county’s government is diverse, including departments, agencies (such as law enforcement), prosecutors, and the court system – all of which are intended to help keep the community safe and running smoothly and many of which are housed in the county seat of Delaware City.


As lovely and safe as Delaware City is, crimes do happen – and people are charged. Unfortunately, the crimes committed and the charges levied aren’t always in perfect alignment. In 2018, Delaware City’s crime rate was higher than 56 percent of other U.S. cities and was down 9 percent (from 2017). Over the last five years, Delaware City experienced a rise in violent crimes and a decrease in property crimes. Consider the following numbers reported per 100,000 residents for 2018:


      1 murder (after 6 years with no murders)

      31 rapes (down 5 from 2017)

      12 robberies (up 4 from 2017)

      20 assaults

      78 burglaries (down significantly from 2017’s 119)

      496 thefts

      27 auto thefts

      4 cases of arson


Crime rears its ugly head in every community, and Delaware County is no exception.

Specific cases are tried in specific courts – in accordance with the circumstances involved. For example:


      When a juvenile is charged as a juvenile, the case is tried in the Delaware County Juvenile Court.

      Cases that involve traffic violations, ordinance violations, or misdemeanor criminal offenses are tried in the Delaware County Municipal Court.

      Felony offenses that are levied against adults (and juveniles who are tried as adults) are tried in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.


Regardless of the charge or where it’s filed, you are advised to have a formidable defense attorney who is well acquainted with Delaware County courts in your corner. In other words, you’ll want the intrepid criminal defense lawyers at Joslyn Law Firm on your side.

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2. Common Criminal Charges in Delaware County

The Buckeye State has wide-ranging laws that relate to both criminal offenses and traffic regulations – any of which can lead to charges and subsequent court cases. Further, Delaware County – in addition to individual cities within the county – have their own regulations on the books.  


Juvenile Court

Just like adults, juveniles in Ohio can be charged with any crime, and some juveniles – whose charges are especially serious – are charged as adults and have their cases transferred to adult court. Certain crimes, however, are considered common to juveniles and are typically tried in juvenile court, including:


      Habitual truancy


      Driving without a driver’s license

      Possession of and/or use of a fake ID

      Underage alcohol consumption

      Underage alcohol possession

      Underage operation of a vehicle while impaired (OVI)

      Drug possession, distribution, sale, or cultivation


      Disorderly conduct


      Domestic assault


      Gross sexual imposition

      Rape and sexual assault

      Probation violations


Regardless of the type of charge your child is facing, the far-reaching implications of a conviction can seriously limit his or her future prospects, which is why having solid legal representation is critical.

Municipal Court

When the charge relates to ordinance violations, traffic violations, and/or (most) offenses that are classified as misdemeanors, it is heard in the Delaware County Municipal Court. The following represent specific examples:


      Making a false alarm or report

      Failing to report a crime, injury, or knowledge of a death

      Failing to aid a law enforcement officer

      Disturbing a lawful meeting

      Obstructing official business or obstructing justice

      Creating noxious and offensive odors

      Violating a noise ordinance

      Creating weed and landscape nuisances

      Hunting animals within city limits

      Failing to control an animal

      Abandoning an animal

      Operating charity raffles or bingo games in violation of existing regulations

      Gambling, public gaming, cheating, and violating other gaming ordinances

      Discharging a weapon within city limits


These violations can lead to costly penalties, which increase considerably with multiple citations. While you may not see the point of getting too worked up over offenses of this caliber, they can mar your record and have lasting consequences that you may not have even considered. Bringing your strongest defense is always in your best interest.

Traffic Offenses

Among the most common cases heard in the Delaware County Municipal Court are traffic offenses. Motorists are responsible for adhering to a wide range of traffic laws, and there is a just as wide a range of violations that correlate with these laws. While some traffic citations are infractions that can only impose fines, many others are criminal offenses that can result in jail time, probation, steep penalties, and/or license suspension. Some common traffic offenses include:



      Following too closely

      Failing to yield the right-of-way

      Failing to yield to pedestrians

      Obstructing an intersection

      Failing to stop at a stop sign or red light

      Crossing a divided highway

      Crossing a yellow line

      Making illegal turns

      Violating a one-way traffic directive

      Passing improperly

      Passing a stopped school bus

      Violating a registration, tag, sticker, or title ordinance

      Violating an equipment ordinance (headlights, taillights, license plate lights, etc.)

      Driving with an obstructed view

      Driving with headphones

      Drag racing 


Some traffic offenses rise to the level of misdemeanor crimes that are also defended at the Delaware County Municipal Court. These include:


      Texting while Driving

      Violating CDL Restrictions

      Driving with a Suspended License

      Driving Recklessly and Operating Recklessly

      Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit and Run)

      Committing Vehicular Assault


Operating a Vehicle under the Influence/Driving under the Influence (OVI/DUI)

Operating and driving under the influence are common misdemeanor charges in Delaware County, and a conviction on either charge can have serious consequences that reverberate into your future. While you will likely face considerable fines, possible jail time, potential license suspension, and probation, that’s far from the end of the story. In fact, an OVI or DUI conviction can lead to serious social ramifications that can include:


      Limiting your ability to rent a home or apartment

      Limiting your ability to obtain federal student loans for furthering your education

      Limiting your ability to maintain your professional licensure

      Limiting your employment opportunities


If your OVI charge has an aggravating component, it could rise to the level of a felony and be heard in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. Regardless of the charge you face, our resourceful legal team is available to help skillfully guide your case throughout the legal process.


Misdemeanor Offenses

Misdemeanors are generally heard in the Municipal Court, and they come in many different forms that include: