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We have a proven track record of success in handling over 15,000 criminal cases and are consistently awarded as one of Ohio’s top criminal defense firms. We are highly experienced Franklin County Municipal Court lawyers in Columbus, OH and all of central Ohio. Experience matters when dealing with criminal charges in Franklin County, which prosecutors and judges handle differently on a case-by-case basis. We know what to expect and what to do to get the best result possible.

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Franklin County Municipal Court
Franklin County Municipal Court

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Franklin County Municipal Court Attorney

Everyone charged with a crime in Franklin County deserves an attorney who is highly skilled in criminal law. Your attorney should not only be familiar with state and local laws, but also with the inner-workings of the Franklin County Municipal Court and its staff.  This familiarity can help make your case more successful.

Our attorneys at the Joslyn Law Firm have dedicated themselves to helping individuals charged with crimes in the jurisdiction of the Franklin County Municipal Court. We know what the court expects and how it works. We know the judges and prosecutors that work within the court. We use all of our knowledge and experience to your benefit when working for you.

Keep in mind that even traffic charges or minor criminal charges can have a significant or even long-lasting impact on your life. No matter the type or severity of the crime you have committed, it is always a good idea to have an attorney from the Joslyn Law Firm on your side. Our attorneys can work to reduce or dismiss your traffic or criminal charges to minimize their impact on your life.

If you are arrested or know someone who is in custody, you can find information about the Franklin County jail online and conduct an inmate search. If you face a case in Municipal Court, there are ways to find certain information about your case online, as well as information about the Franklin County Municipal Courthouse and court rules.

You can learn more about the Franklin County Municipal Court and find answers to many questions in this court guide we have carefully prepared for you. We believe that informed clients are better prepared to partner with an attorney in fighting the charges against them. We are available to answer your questions and offer free, no-obligation consultations for individuals facing criminal charges. Read on to learn more and reach out to us for legal help.

Franklin County Municipal Court Information Center

  1. Franklin County Municipal Court Overview/Information
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Franklin County Municipal Court
  3. Common Criminal Charges in Franklin, Ohio
  4. Potential Penalties for Criminal Charges in Franklin County Municipal Court
  5. Diversion For Criminal Charges
  6. Criminal Case Court Process in Franklin County Municipal Court
  7. Warrants for Criminal Charges in Franklin, Ohio
  8. OVI/DUI Charge Process in Franklin County Municipal Court
  9. Transferring a Criminal Case out of Franklin County Municipal Court
  10. Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney For Cases in Franklin County Municipal Court
  11. Q&A for Franklin County Municipal Court Criminal Charges
  12. Franklin County Municipal Court Personnel
  13. Franklin Court and Legal and Community Resources
  14. Franklin Law Enforcement
  15. The Franklin County Municipal Court Location and Contact Information

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Franklin County Municipal Court Overview/Information

This Court began in 1916 as the Columbus Municipal Court. It was granted countywide jurisdiction in 1955 and renamed Franklin County Municipal Court in 1968. It has two judicial divisions: The General Division and the Environmental Division.

In 2018, this court processed 182,716 cases and collected $41.6 million in costs, fines, and fees. Out of the cases handled, over 6,400 were Type A-Felony, nearly 20,000 were Type B-Criminal, almost $6,300 were Type C-OVI, while over 95,000 were Type D traffic

Dozens of different types of charges are handled by the Franklin County Municipal Court. If you are facing a misdemeanor and traffic offense, your case can be seen here from start to finish. While local Mayor’s Courts often handle misdemeanor and traffic offenses, these charges can also be filed at the Franklin County Municipal Court. Some cases can also end up in this court as a result of an appeal at a Mayor’s Court nearby.

The Franklin County Municipal Court hears not only misdemeanor and traffic offenses, but according to Ohio Statute, it also has the ability to hold preliminary hearings in some felony charges. Because it is a Municipal Court, this court can provide a jury when necessary or requested. Mayor’s Courts do not have juries. If you appeal a case in a Mayor’s Court, it could end up being tried at this court. If it might be beneficial to you, your criminal defense attorney can also request your case be moved here after it begins in a Mayor’s Court. Defendants with multiple cases are typically assigned to the same judge within the court for continuity.

The Court’s Criminal/Traffic Division provides a wide range of services to the general public, law enforcement, and the Court. This Division plays a vital part in the promotion of public safety by giving support 24 hours per day to law enforcement agencies throughout Franklin County.

Responsibilities of this Court include:

  • The collection and disbursement of bail/bond monies for defendants who are in custody
  • Providing documentation to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office so that defendants can be released from custody
  • Electronically reporting several types of traffic violations to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
  • Processes applications for the expungement of case records
  • Maintaining and securing records which have been sealed by the court
  • Accepting criminal and traffic charges
  • Filing motions, and search warrants
  • Providing information about court cases, dispositions, and future court dates
  • Collaborated with the Columbus Division of Police and Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office to create a plan for defendants who are refused by the jail due to medical reasons

Some traffic cases, ordinance violations, or even misdemeanor cases in Franklin County are held in Mayor’s Court instead of Municipal Court. The Joslyn Law Firm has an office conveniently located in Columbus, which allows our attorneys to easily handle cases in all Franklin County Mayor’s Courts. These include the following:

Whether your case is in Municipal Court or Mayor’s Court in Franklin County, we can help.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Franklin County Municipal Court

All levels of courts in Ohio have pros and cons. Their impact on your case can depend on many variables, including if you have hired an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your interests.

Being a municipal Court that oversees a larger area, the Franklin County Municipal Court has less flexibility within its schedule and does not provide predetermined dates and times for specific hearing types. This can make scheduling more of a challenge for both you and your attorney. In addition, since this court covers cases over a more extensive boundary, it may not be as close to your home as some Mayor’s Courts are.

On the other hand, some individuals and their attorneys prefer municipal courts over other courts as they are less often accused of different types of corruption and abuse. In a Mayor’s Court, it is the Mayor and not an experienced judge who oversees the cases. The Mayor is not required to and does not likely have the legal experience and background that a judge in a municipal courtroom does. Some people believe Mayor’s Court fines create a conflict of interest as the Mayor can impose unfair and unnecessary fines to the benefit of their city’s budget.

Sometimes the specific court or type of court that tries your case can have an impact on its outcome. If you or your attorney believe it is in the best interest of your case to have it tried at the Franklin County Municipal Court, you should discuss the benefits and drawbacks to this request. If you both agree that this request should be made, your attorney will put in the formal request for the transfer.

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Common Criminal Charges in Franklin County, Ohio

There are several different types of charges that can lead to criminal cases in Franklin County Municipal Court. Ordinance violations, traffic citations, and misdemeanor cases can all be brought before a Municipal judge. The following are some examples of cases we take on in Franklin County Municipal Court:

Operating a vehicle under the influence/Driving under the influence (OVI/DUI) – This is a common misdemeanor case that is often in Municipal Court. You might assume that OVI/DUI is not that serious of a matter, though even a first-time conviction can result in a driver’s license suspension, fines, or even time in jail.

Traffic offenses – The Municipal Court hears many cases stemming from traffic violations, and these can range from a minor speeding ticket to misdemeanor traffic crimes. Our firm handles all types of traffic cases, including:

Petty theft – Whenever someone takes something from a rightful owner, they can be charged with a theft crime. If the money or item stolen was worth less than $1,000, the charge should be a misdemeanor known as “petty theft.”

Assault and BatteryAssault and battery is a charge that can result from alleged harm caused to another person, putting someone in fear of immediate harm, or even offensive – but not harmful – contact.

Domestic violence – If you are accused of assault and battery by someone who is a spouse, romantic partner, former partner, child, family member, or household member, it constitutes domestic violence. This case often involves a Franklin County order of protection case to defend against, as well.

Resisting ArrestWhen an officer tries to arrest you or someone else, and you are accused of trying to interfere with the arrest or hurting the officer, you can face additional charges of resisting arrest.

Drug charges – There are many charges related to controlled substances, and some of these charges are misdemeanors, so your drug-related case might be in Municipal Court.

Possession of a Controlled SubstanceYou can face possession charges involving many types of drugs, from prescription pills to narcotic and “street drugs.”

Marijuana CrimesMarijuana is still very much illegal in Ohio, despite other states legalizing possession. You can face misdemeanor charges for simple marijuana possession. 

Drug Paraphernalia / Drug Abuse InstrumentsPolice do not have to find drugs to charge you with a crime, as you can be arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia without having the controlled substance itself.

Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a MinorWhile the majority of sex offenses are felonies, there are situations in which you can face misdemeanor charges for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and similar allegations. Do not underestimate the seriousness of this charge, however.

Disorderly ConductYou can face this charge if police believe you are doing something that causes others to be inconvenienced, offended, or alarmed.

Criminal MischiefYou can face this charge for doing different things that might cause chaos or disruption, such as throwing a smoke bomb or hacking into a computer network. 

Criminal TrespassIf you are on someone’s property without permission or after they ask you to leave, you can be arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

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Potential Penalties for Criminal Charges in Franklin County Municipal Court

If you are being charged with a crime or multiple crimes, it is crucial to know the gravity of what you could be facing. Misdemeanor charges come with the possibility of both fines and jail time as part of a sentence, which can be troublesome for your family, your work schedule, and your budget. When you are represented by a qualified criminal defense attorney from the Joslyn Law Firm, your chances of having your charges dropped or reduced increase immensely, and we can advocate for a lesser sentence for convictions.

Misdemeanor crimes fall into different categories, each carrying their own potential for fines and jail time. The potential penalties for criminal charges differ from those of traffic offenses and are as follows:

  • Classification: First-Degree Misdemeanor (M-1)
    • Length of Imprisonment: 6 months
    • Maximum Fine: $1,000.00
  • Classification: Second-Degree Misdemeanor (M-2)
    • Length of Imprisonment: 90 days
    • Maximum Fine: $750.00
  • Classification: Third-Degree Misdemeanor (M-3)
    • Length of Imprisonment: 60 days
    • Maximum Fine: $500.00
  • Classification: Fourth-Degree Misdemeanor (M-4)
    • Length of Imprisonment: 30 days
    • Maximum Fine: $250.00
  • Classification: Minor Misdemeanor (MM) 
    • Length of Imprisonment: none
    • Maximum Fine: $150.00

Note that these are court-imposed penalties and do not include other consequences you could face as a result of your charges. For example, you could lose your job or your chances of working in your dream career, your reputation could be damaged, and your family might be impacted. To help avoid these ramifications plus legal penalties, contact an attorney from the Joslyn Law Firm.

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Diversion For Criminal Charges

The Franklin County Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office created the Diversion Unit to help qualified first-time non-violent offenders avoid prosecution. This means they might be able to avoid the typical penalties that come with their charges. Diversion programs can include Drug Court or the Traffic Diversion Program.

Offenders in the diversion program are individuals who have a high degree of willingness and cooperation to comply with the requirements of the program. Several Diversion Unit Officers oversee this program, and offenders in the program who do not continually fulfill their obligations will be removed and go on with their case like other offenders who were never in the program.

If you are interested in the criminal diversion program offered by the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, talk to your defense attorney to see if you qualify. Your attorney can help you learn more about the program, explain the possible advantages and disadvantages, and if it might be a good fit for your situation.

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Criminal Case Court Process in Franklin County Municipal Court

The criminal case process in any court is complex and may raise several questions or concerns for those who are facing charges. There are actions that must be taken at certain times and deadlines to adhere to. Trying to navigate the court system on your own can be detrimental to your case and, as such, the rest of your life.

This is why many individuals who are facing criminal charges in the Franklin County Municipal court rely on a criminal defense attorney from our firm. We can explain your case process to you in a manner you can understand. We are open and honest about what we need from you and what the next steps are. We encourage your questions and genuinely want to help you understand every step of your case.


In the majority of cases, criminal charges begin with the filing of a complaint. The complaint is filed in response to either a law enforcement investigation, an accusation by another citizen, or an indictment by a Grand Jury. After a complaint or an indictment, a warrant for your arrest is usually ordered if you have not already been arrested. Alternatively, you could receive a summons in the mail telling you to appear at the Franklin County Court at a specific date and time. The Franklin County Municipal Court also has an automated phone system that calls people to inform or remind them of their hearing date and time.

Arraignment Hearing

The next step in the criminal legal process is an arraignment hearing. If it at all possible, it is best to hire a reputable defense attorney prior to this hearing date. Your attorney will talk to you about what to expect and what the next steps will be.

At this hearing, you will be informed of the charges against you by the state. You will also be notified of your legal rights, such as rights to an attorney, bail, and a trial. The arraignment hearing can have variations depending on if you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. You will have the opportunity to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest before a Judge or Magistrate. If you plan to plead guilty or no contest, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney before doing so.


If no plea deal is reached, the process of exchanging evidence between your defense attorney and the prosecution will begin. This is known as discovery. Attorneys from the Joslyn Law Firm are skilled at examining the evidence against you and using it to find holes in the prosecution’s case. We can use this information to come to a plea agreement before your trial or to find strong defense approaches to use in your case.

Motion Hearings

Motions are requests made in court asking a judge to rule on a legal issue pertaining to the case. Your attorney or the prosecution can request motion hearings at any time during a criminal case in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Pre-Trial and Trial

During a pre-trial hearing, one or more things can happen. Either side can present motions to the judge, either party can make objections to evidence, and negotiations for plea bargains can occur. Based on the amount and quality of evidence the prosecution has against you, it might be ideal for one or both sides to strike a plea deal. If your attorney reaches a plea deal with the prosecution at this time, your criminal case will end here. If not, it will continue to trial.

You have a constitutional right to a trial. You do not have to prove your innocence. The burden of proof is with the prosecution, and your attorney can craft defense strategies to help you win your case. If you are being charged with a felony, your case will be moved to a higher court for a trial. If your case started at a lower court for a misdemeanor charge, it might be transferred to the Franklin County Municipal Court for this trial. In the state of Ohio, misdemeanor juries include eight jurors, while felony juries include 12.

Sentencing Hearing

In some cases, the judge in your case will sentence you at the end of your trial. In other cases, a new hearing will be scheduled specifically so that you can be sentenced according to state laws and the verdict of your case.

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Warrants for Criminal Charges in Franklin County, Ohio

In Franklin County, there are more than 100,000 outstanding arrest warrants or bench warrants for the arrest of people who are suspected of a crime, have not shown up for a court hearing, have failed to pay fines and costs as court-ordered, or who are in violation of their probation conditions. As per the Columbus City Attorney’s office, all individuals who have outstanding warrants are strongly encouraged to reach out to an attorney for help and to turn themselves in as soon as possible. If you fall into this category, our lawyers at the Joslyn Law Firm can help, no matter your charges.

If you receive a summons to show up for a criminal hearing, it is in your best interest to do so or to hire an attorney to appear on your behalf. If you do not show up, the judge can issue a warrant to have you arrested on your criminal charges. Not being aware of the date/time/location of your court hearing is never an acceptable excuse for not showing up to court.

If you did not receive a summons in the mail, your attorney should know or be able to find out when your hearing is scheduled. If you need to look up the date and time of your scheduled hearing, you can use the Franklin County Municipal Court website.

To find out if you have a warrant out for your arrest, you can search for warrants under your name. You may also contact the Franklin County Municipal Clerk of Court office at 614-645-8186. They are only able to confirm warrants that have been entered. If you have a warrant through different courts, they may not have access to that information.

Your criminal defense attorney might be able to arrange a time for you to turn yourself in on an active arrest warrant. This is usually preferable over a forced, surprised, and possibly embarrassing arrest out in public. Agreeing to such an arrest can often benefit you as it will decrease your flight risk, meaning lower bail.

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OVI/DUI Charge Process in Franklin County Municipal Court

A DUI, also referred to as an OVI in the State of Ohio, is a very serious charge and is handled differently than other traffic or criminal charges. When you are charged with an OVI, the law enforcement officer must issue you a traffic ticket. The ticket should tell you the specific offenses for which you are charged. It should also state the corresponding code sections you are accused of violating.

If you refuse a breathalyzer test or a blood or urine test, the law enforcement officer will usually also give you an Administrative License Suspension Report. Your ticket will also contain a court summons, telling you when to appear in court. Your arraignment is usually within five business days of getting your OVI ticket.

In these cases, there is not much room for negotiation. If you decide to plead guilty, this conviction will be included on your permanent record and visible to others. This makes speaking with a seasoned lawyer from the Joslyn Law Firm prior to your arraignment extremely important. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal for you.

You have the option to plead not guilty, which will give you and your attorney the opportunity to review the evidence that law enforcement gathered against you. Do not be concerned that pleading not guilty will make your situation worse. It only makes sense that if you want a chance to review the evidence, you need to plead not guilty.

If you decide to enter a not guilty plea, you will also want to appeal the Administrative License Suspension. This is not required but is generally the most convenient course of action for those charged with an OVI. You or your attorney can request this verbally at the arraignment hearing or it can be done in writing within 30 days of the suspension. Most OVI defense attorneys will file a Demand for Discovery at this time so that they can obtain the evidence from the prosecutor’s file.

Common defenses for OVI charges that criminal defense lawyers at our firm use include:

  • The violation of your constitutional rights during your traffic stop or arrest
  • The lack of proper procedure during your field sobriety test or in obtaining your breathalyzer test or your blood or urine samples used by the law enforcement officers involved in your traffic stop or arrest
  • Your blood or urine samples were compromised by lab technicians during processing

Our attorneys work diligently to find a defense that will work in your case. Depending on several factors in your individual situation, we may be able to get your OVI charges reduced or dismissed so that they do not wind up on your permanent record. If we cannot work out a plea deal, we can take your case to trial if you desire us to.

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Transferring a Criminal Case Out of Franklin County Municipal Court

If your case is based on an alleged offense that happened in another county or is an out-of-county criminal and traffic case, it can be transferred back to the county where it occurred. If you and your attorney decide to appeal the verdict of the jury in your trial either based on an error in the handling of your case or your disagreement with the outcome, your case will need to be transferred to the Tenth District Appellate Court for the State of Ohio.

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Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney For Cases in Franklin County Municipal Court

If you do nothing else to help your case, be sure to hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience working with clients facing the same charges that you are facing. Individuals who have criminal charges against them who choose not to hire an attorney often face more severe outcomes in their case. These severe outcomes can be quite costly to not only their budget but to their family, career, and reputation. In fact, the sooner you can hire your own criminal defense attorney to provide you with quality representation, the better the potential outcome of your case.

At the Joslyn Law Firm, we help clients who face all types of different criminal charges at Franklin County Municipal Court. Our goal is to not only eliminate or reduce their charges and penalties but to help them understand the legal process and feel comfortable along the way.

We know our clients are unique with unique cases and needs. Our approach is individualized and tailored to your specific case. You will receive our individual attention, and we will keep you as up to date on your case as you want to be.

One of our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you by:

  • Helping you understand the nature of the charges filed against you, any possible defenses in your case, what plea bargains are likely to be offered, and what is expected after trial or conviction
  • Reducing your criminal charge to a lesser offense (for example, reducing a felony charge to a misdemeanor or a misdemeanor to a minor misdemeanor)
  • Lessen the severity of the penalty for your charges
  • Reduce or eliminate jail time through probation, a special program, or a diversion program
  • Help you develop a sound defense strategy should your case end up in a trial

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Q&A for Franklin County Municipal Court Criminal Charges

Individuals such as yourself who face criminal charges often have many questions and concerns. It is your legal right to have these issues addressed. The best way to find answers to your question that apply specifically to your case is to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney and hire one to protect your legal interests. Below are some of the most common questions we hear from defendants at the Franklin County Municipal Court.

What Are Some Potential Outcomes from My Court Appearance?

Each criminal court appearance is different and likewise will result in a different outcome. Most court appearances will result in you being found guilty, not guilty, or your case being dismissed or continued.

  • Found Guilty: You will be sentenced and fined a specified amount and court costs to pay by a specific date
  • Found Not Guilty: Your case will be dismissed
  • Dismissed: Your case can either be dismissed with or without payment of court costs
  • Continued: Your case might also be continued, if so, you will receive another court date either in person, by mail, or by text message (if you previously signed up to receive text messages from the court)

How do I get Something Expunged from My Record?

First, discuss this possibility with your criminal defense attorney. Depending on your case and your criminal history, this may or may not be possible. The Expungement Department can be reached at 614-645-1706.

How do I get My Record Sealed?

You should also discuss this with your attorney. They will need to submit an application for the Sealing of Record on your behalf. Be aware that there is a one-time application fee of $50 to apply for record sealing for any number of convictions and/or bail forfeitures. There is no filing fee for dismissals or if you are found not guilty.

When are Arraignment Hearings Scheduled?

Traffic and Criminal Arraignment court sessions are held Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. in the Municipal Court Building. A weekly alternating judge is presiding at all arraignment hearings.  All defendants who are not in jail who are charged with criminal misdemeanors or felonies will be arraigned in Courtroom 4C on the 4th floor. OMVI arraignments are scheduled for 9:00 a.m., and felony preliminary hearings are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.

Arraignments in Courtroom 4D on the 4th floor pertain to:

  • All defendants who are presently in jail with criminal and traffic misdemeanors arrested before 11:00 p.m. the night before court.
  • All defendants who are in jail with new felony cases or preliminary hearings

Felony preliminary hearings are scheduled for 9:30 a.m., or 10:00 a.m., and Applicable Rule 4 Hearings are planned for 9:00 a.m.

If you are scheduled for an Environmental Division Arraignment, you will be in Courtroom 15C on the 15th floor. These hearings are held on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. for all defendants who are not currently in jail with environmental cases.

How is Bail Determined in My Case?

Bail depends on a predetermined amount based on your charges as well as details of your specific case, your criminal record, and your flight risk. For Ohio residents facing misdemeanor charges, bail typically runs between $100 and $500. For non-residents facing misdemeanor charges, bail is between $100 and $2,000. However, if the non-resident can prove that they are a student in the state or are working in the state, their bail can be reduced to that of an Ohio resident. Keep in mind that bail can be changed at the discretion of the overseeing judge. If bail is concerning an OVI charge and there are multiple charges for the same incident, bail will only be required on one charge. This bail schedule excludes those who are charged with crimes such as:

  • Any sexually oriented offense
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Aggravated trespassing
  • Aggravated menacing
  • Menacing by stalking
  • A violation of a domestic violence or anti-stalking temporary protection order
  • Damaging or endangering, criminal mischief, and any other “offense of violence” if the victim was a family or household member at the time of the alleged crime

Payments for the posting of bail for a Municipal Court prisoner are accepted by the court 24 hours a day. Payments can only be made via cash, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. The jail is sent a release form once bail has been posted. To determine the timeframe for the physical release of the prisoner, contact Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at (614) 525-3368 any time of any day of the year.

Does the Franklin County Municipal Court have a Drug Program?

Judge Jodi Thomas presides over the drug program at the Franklin County Municipal Court, which began in 2009. The program is known as HART, which stands for Helping Achieve Recovery Together. Among other stipulations, this program requires participants to attend two years of weekly meetings both in court and in the community as well as drug testing. About 100 individuals participate in the program each year, and about half of those finish it.

If you are facing drug charges and are interested in learning more about the HART program and seeing if you might qualify, talk to your criminal defense attorney.

I Have Questions about a Summons I Received, What Should I Do?

If you have any questions regarding your court summons, contact the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case whose name, phone number, and email address should appear on the subpoena. If you have already hired an attorney, provide them with the summons. If you have not already hired an attorney, now is the time to do so. They can help answer your questions about your summons and many other topics as well as provide you with the representation you need to mitigate your charges and any penalties you may face.

Does the Court Offer Interpreters?

The Franklin County Municipal Court has interpreting services for all criminal hearings, trials, motions, and court functions at no charge to those who use it. This helps in their fair and impartial treatment of those who need the court. Interpreters are available in American Sign Language (ASL) and 45 other languages. Interpreting services at the court are located on the 16th floor and can be reached by phone at 614-645-7455.

Where is Someone Held in Custody?

If someone you know was arrested in Franklin County, they might be held in the Franklin County Jail. You can perform an inmate search to confirm whether they are detained in the jail or not, as well as obtain additional information. If you are having trouble locating them, you should consult with our criminal defense firm for help.

Will You Need to Pay Bail for Someone to be Released?

Bail is set in certain cases by either the police or judge based on the charges issued and the supposed flight risk of the defendant. In many cases, bail is set too high, and the right defense lawyer can request a bail hearing to argue to reduce or eliminate bail. Always talk to an experienced attorney before you pay bail for someone. You generally post bail at the Franklin County Jail or at a court hearing.

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Franklin County Municipal Court Personnel

There are 15 judges who oversee cases at the Franklin County Municipal Court. They each have their own courtroom, bailiff, and secretary. Our attorneys have worked extensively with these judges and their staff and are familiar with how they run their courtrooms.

Judge Ted Barrows  

Judge Cynthia L. Ebner

Judge James E. Green

Judge Paul M. Herbert          

Administrative Judge Mark A. Hummer

Judge Stephanie Mingo

Judge Cindi Morehart

Judge James P. O’Grady

Judge Eileen Y. Paley

Judge Andrea C. Peeples

Judge H. William Pollitt

Judge Jarrod B. Skinner

Judge Jodi Thomas

Judge David B. Tyack

Magistrate David S Jump     

Magistrate Kirk Lindsey

Administrative Magistrate Tony Paat

Magistrate Danielle Sparks 

Magistrate Denise Waddy

Clerk Lori M. Tyack

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein

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Franklin County Municipal Legal and Community Resources

Franklin County Municipal Court – This is the court website with information about the schedule, case records, contact information for court personnel, and more.

Columbus City Attorney’s Office – The office of the prosecutor who issues charges in cases heard in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Crime Data for Columbus, Ohio – Learn about common criminal patterns in Franklin County and cases that are issued.

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle – This office handles all vehicle and driver licensing issues, including suspending and reinstating driver’s licenses.

Map of Franklin County – Get directions to locations around Franklin County.

Historic Franklin County – Learn about the history of Franklin County, Ohio.

About Franklin County – Learn about the current demographics, amenities, and other information about Franklin County.

Columbus Chamber of Commerce – Connect individuals and businesses within the County, as well as works to promote commerce and economic success in the area.

The Ohio Association of Municipal Court Clerks – Organization supporting the clerks of court in various Ohio Municipal Courts.

Second Chance Counseling Center – Provides driver education courses, outpatient groups, individual counseling, and intensive outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults.

Directions Counseling Group – Provides counseling and substance abuse treatment for children, adolescents, and adults.

Crossroads Recovery Services – Provides counseling services to help adolescents and adults fulfill court-ordered treatment requirements.

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services – Helps with addiction treatment for court-involved individuals, as well as other family support and mental health services.

Maryhaven – Provides behavioral health and addiction treatment for adults and adolescents, including court-related programs.

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Franklin County Law Enforcement

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for preserving the peace of the public, overseeing the enforcement of court orders and providing courthouse security, as well as supervising both of the Franklin County Corrections Centers. Their website is hosted on the above link.


373 South High St.

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: 614-525-3333

The City of Columbus Police Department employs over 1,800 officers and 300 civilian employees to protect and serve nearly 800,000 residents in the area. Their website is linked above.


120 Marconi Blvd

Columbus, OH 43215

614- 645-4545

The Ohio State Patrol is responsible for investigating all criminal activities on state-owned or leased property throughout all of Ohio. They also help promote and protect public safety and safety on state highways. Their website can be accessed with the above link.


Columbus District Headquarters

2855 West Dublin-Granville Road

Columbus, OH 43235

Phone: (614) 799-9241

Fax: (614) 799-9250


1970 West Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43223

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Court Recognized Drug/Alcohol and Mental Health Centers in Franklin County, Ohio

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The Franklin County Municipal Court Location and Contact Information

Franklin County Municipal Court

(Clerk of Court Criminal/Traffic Division is located on the 2nd Floor)

375 South High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Court Services: 614-645-5962

Court Administration: 614-645-8214

Parking and navigation information

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  • Brian Joslyn has earned recognition for community leadership by Lawyer LegionLawyer Legion
  • Preeminent Attorney Award. Peer rated for highest level of professional exellence.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust.

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