A Teen’s Guide to Drug and Alcohol Safety

Teens experimenting with drugs and alcohol is all too common, but the potentially devastating effects of these behaviors shouldn’t be underestimated. Once you learn about the dangers of drinking and doing drugs, it should be easier to see why you should avoid them.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking alcohol that has a negative effect on your life. Binge drinking is perhaps the most common form of alcohol abuse in teens. It is defined as an excessive amount of drinking done in a short time period with the goal of becoming severely intoxicated. This can develop into a pattern of behavior that eventually leads to alcoholism.

Side Effects of Alcohol Abuse

What Is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse, like alcohol abuse, is when someone’s use of a drug has a negative effect on their life. This can stem from experimentation with substances such as cigarettes, marijuana, hallucinogenics, painkillers, and other drugs.

Side Effects of Drug Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

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