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All too often students who are accused of a serious conduct violation keep silent and assume if they tell their side of the story everything will work out fine. This is a major mistake.

Your university is not interested in being fair, and they are not trying to make sure the truth comes out. Instead, the school is only trying to protect itself, especially if the allegations against you are serious.

If you receive a notice saying you are being charged for violating your school’s conduct or academic code, do not talk about it with anyone and contact an attorney with experience in student defense.

Get ahead of the game by scheduling a free case consultation with the Joslyn Law Firm. We will listen to your story and help you assess how big the problem is. Don’t wait and assume the allegations against you are a minor problem. How big of a problem it can become will largely depend on how you handle the situation.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is one of the most serious student conduct violations. These cases arise in the midst of an increasing national controversy about the responses of universities to sexual assault on college campuses.

The United States government and the Department of Education have been using Title IX to pursue investigations into sexual assault cases on college campuses. Universities require a low burden of proof in cases involving sexual misconduct. On top of that, the university will aggressively pursue the allegations for fear of losing federal funding from the Department of Education.

Possible suspension or expulsion is just the start of the severe consequences you could face. You could have the conviction on your criminal record for the rest of your life, and the school could place a notation on your academic transcripts. The discipline may also have to be disclosed on any professional applications like a bar exam and medical license or background checks for security clearance.

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Disciplinary Hearings

The process of disciplinary can vary from university to university, but they typically all follow a similar format and process. It’s worth noting that you do not have same rights in disciplinary proceedings as you would in a courtroom such as: 

  • You are not presumed innocent
  • You are not allowed to ask the accuser questions
  • It is your word against the other student.
  • They do not have to inform you of the evidence they have against you
  • You may not have the right to appeal
  • The judge can be biased against you 

A university will open a case and begin an investigation when they receive a complaint that alleges a student may have violated the student code of conduct. These complaints can come from other students, the Ohio Police Department or a university office and academic units.

Once the investigation is open, a student will receive a letter notifying them of the investigation. Once the investigation is complete, a hearing officer will decide if charges should be issues. This doesn’t mean that you are guilty; instead, the investigation has enough evidence to move forward.

You will be offered two types of hearings: a disciplinary conference or a hearing. At attorney will recommend which one you should accept if given the option. Regardless, do not accept either. Your defense lawyer can pick the best plan for your situation.

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Defense Attorney for Student Disciplinary Hearings in Columbus, OH

If you are being investigated by your university for violating a student conduct or academic code you should contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. The Joslyn Law Firm understands how vital your academic future is, and we will do everything in our power to ensure the best possible outcome is received for your situation.

Schedule a free case consultation with us. Call (614) 444-1900 or submit your information in the online contact form. We represent students in counties across central Ohio that includes Franklin County, Delaware County, Union County, Madison County, Pickaway County, Fairfield County, and Licking County.

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