Gross Sexual Imposition under Ohio Law Explained by Criminal Defense Attorney

Ohio Sex crimes Attorney Brian Joslyn explains the offense of Gross Sexual Imposition under Ohio law. Joslyn Law Firm is experienced in representing those charged with the offense of Gross Sexual Imposition and other sex offenses throughout Ohio. Call (614) 444-1900 or submit an online contact form right now to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss all of your legal options.

Another common offense that we receive involving children is gross sexual imposition. And essentially what gross sexual imposition is, is the allegation that you touched the erogenous zones of someone else’s body without their consent. And erogenous zones can include their buttocks, thighs, breasts, but is not limited to those areas. In these cases, what we’re looking for, is discrepancies from statement to statement from when the initial disclosure was made, to the disclosure to a sane nurse, to the disclosure to the CAC interviewer, and then the disclosure to any friends or family members that might be in any reports. A lot of the strengths of these cases are often developed because you’re matching an accuser’s statement from person to person. Because when someone’s lying, their statements tend to change every time they give their story. It’s a common strategy of ours if it’s a divorce, or if there’s a pending civil protection order, to try to illicit as many hearings as we can in a divorce, or child custody, or civil protection order, before we have a trial in a criminal matter, because we’ll be able to pull the children in to divorce proceedings, child custody proceedings, and civil protection orders, and get them to testify. And it’s always like we get our own mini trial, before we have our trial. And we create more ammo for our defense. Thats a very common scenario, because a lot of these sex crime allegations arise out of bitter divorces, child custody disputes, and when people aren’t getting their way, sometimes they will cheap shot with a sex crime allegation.

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