What Is A Sovereign Citizen?

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Understanding Sovereign Citizenship Laws in Ohio

In recent years, the term “Sovereign Citizen” has gained attention in the media, often associated with individuals who reject certain aspects of government authority and claim to exist outside its traditional legal framework. The anti-government sovereign citizen movement raises questions about the boundaries of citizenship and adherence to laws. It is important to understand that regardless of one’s belief system, they are bound by the laws of this land and that claiming to be a Sovereign Citizen does not exclude a person from having to follow those laws.

What Is a Sovereign Citizen?

A Sovereign Citizen is an individual who adheres to a belief system that rejects or challenges the legitimacy of government authority. Followers of this ideology often assert that they are sovereign entities not controlled by federal, state, or local laws. They may employ pseudo-legal tactics and engage in activities such as filing fraudulent legal documents, challenging court proceedings, or refusing to recognize government-issued identification. The belief comes out of the idea that people are bound only by God’s law and the common law found in The Constitution but that over time conspirators replaced it with an illegitimate, tyrannical de facto governmental law meant to subjugate Americans. Because of this belief, they will reject or ignore laws, regulations, court orders, and taxes.

Key Beliefs of Sovereign Citizens

There are some core beliefs that all people who claim to be sovereign citizens ascribe to, these include:

1. No Government Authority – Sovereign Citizens commonly reject the authority of the government, contending that they are independent entities not bound by laws or regulations.

2. Use of Pseudo-Legal Language – Sovereign Citizens will typically use pseudo-legal language when they speak and file unconventional legal documents, often based on a misinterpretation or distortion of legal concepts.

3. Tax Avoidance Claims – Some Sovereign Citizens assert that they are not subject to taxation, and will use various legal arguments to try to evade taxes. These claims are generally unsubstantiated and eventually lead to legal consequences.

4. Personal Sovereignty – Followers of the Sovereign Citizen movement may believe in their personal sovereignty, considering themselves immune to certain legal obligations, such as paying fines or appearing in court.

Sovereign Citizen Laws in Ohio

While people who call themselves Sovereign Citizens are not necessarily criminals, their actions may end them up in legal trouble due to the movement’s ideology. In Ohio, as in many other states, law enforcement and legal authorities take a vigilant stance against activities associated with Sovereign Citizens that may violate state and federal laws. Some of the items they are most notorious for include:

  • Fraudulent Filings – Filing fraudulent legal documents or attempting to create false legal documents can lead to criminal charges. Ohio law prohibits the submission of forged or misleading documents with the intent to deceive.
  • Obstruction of Justice – Obstructing justice, whether through the refusal to comply with court orders, impeding legal proceedings, or resisting arrest, can result in criminal charges.
  • Traffic Violations – Sovereign Citizens are known for challenging the authority of traffic laws, which can lead to citations and legal consequences.
  • Tax Evasion – Claims of immunity from taxation can result in legal action by state and federal authorities. Ohio, like other states, enforces tax laws, and attempting to evade taxes based on Sovereign Citizen beliefs can lead to serious consequences.

Legal Consequences for Sovereign Citizens

Does the Sovereign Citizenship argument work in a court of law? Is there any benefit to claiming to be a Sovereign Citizen? When individuals who identify as Sovereign Citizens engage in activities that violate state and federal laws they may face legal consequences ranging from fines to imprisonment. Likewise, when these people are charged with crimes like traffic violations, assault, and more they are held to the same legal standards as every other American citizen. Courts typically do not recognize Sovereign Citizen arguments as valid legal defenses, and attempting to use such arguments in court can lead to further legal troubles.

Understanding Sovereign Citizens and Ohio Laws

The Sovereign Citizen movement which began in the 1960s has got attention recently because of the unconventional beliefs and actions of some of its followers. In Ohio, as in other states, law enforcement and legal authorities will treat people who refer to themselves as Sovereign Citizens the same way they treat any other individual. It is crucial for individuals to understand that adhering to Sovereign Citizen beliefs does not grant immunity from legal obligations, and if they have engaged in illegal activities, it can result in serious consequences under Ohio’s legal framework.

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