What to Do if You’re Pulled Over for Suspicion of OVI/DUI

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There’s no sugarcoating it: If an officer in Ohio pulls you over because they suspect you’re under the influenWhat to Do if You’re Pulled Over for Suspicion of OVI/DUIce, it is likely you’ll be arrested. However, you can reduce the consequences significantly by what you do and don’t do.

First, don’t panic. This may be hard considering there’s flashing lights behind you, and you probably have somewhere to be. Take a deep breath and remain calm. Find a safe place to pull over – if you aren’t near a safe place when the officer flags you, reduce your speed and put on your flashers to signal your intent to pull over.

Once you’re safely pulled over, shut your car off and place your hands on the steering wheel. Do not get out of the car unless the officer asks you to. When the officer comes to your window, be polite, and don’t make any sudden movements, or act in any other strange manner.

Ask to have an attorney present before speaking about or disclosing anything (aside from license, registration, and insurance) to the officer. Do not give any oral or written statement, and do not sign anything until you have an attorney.

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