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Pulled Over For a DUI/OVI?

If you were recently pulled over or arrested on charges of any Operating Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI) offense in Franklin, or surrounding counties,  can help. Our firm is nationally recognized for our criminal and DUI/OVI Charges, and Brian Joslyn is an award-winning defense attorney who is committed to helping his clients obtain the best…
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Traffic Fatalities Increase Throughout Ohio So Far This Year

Law enforcement officers throughout Ohio plan to focus on decreasing the amount of distracted and impaired drivers on the roadway after new statistics show a large increase in traffic fatalities. According to The Columbus Dispatch, figures from the beginning of the year to Dec. 1 show 925 traffic fatalities in Ohio, a number that totals…
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Law Enforcement Agencies Prepare for ‘Blackout Wednesday’ Drinking

The holidays are supposed to be times spent with family and friends. However, in recent years the night before Thanksgiving has been dubbed “Blackout Wednesday,” a day in which people begin a long period of binge drinking. This day, according to officials, is the start of the worst period for alcohol-related incidents, OVI arrests and…
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Supreme Court Ruling Says Drivers Can Challenge Breathalyzer Results

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that defendants facing drunk driving charges can challenge the accuracy of their breathalyzer tests, potentially changing the outcome of thousands of cases throughout the state. Defendants now will be allowed to challenge the information received from their tests by obtaining data from prior results generated by the…
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Ohio State Highway Patrol Double DUI Checkpoints During Labor Day Weekend; Columbus DUI Defense Attorney Brian Joslyn Discusses Increased Patrol

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Labor Day weekend results in the most fatalities each year than any other holiday. Approximately 187 people were killed on Ohio roads between 2000 and 2010, during Labor Day weekends. Over that same decade, that’s 23 more than both the 164 people killed in crashes during the…
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Know Your Rights During a 4th of July DUI Stop in Columbus, OH

While the 4th of July does fall on a Wednesday this year, this will not stop thousands of people throughout Hamilton County, OH, from enjoying public and private celebrations. Last year, Ohio State Highway Patrol reportedly arrested 598 drivers for OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence) on the Fourth of July. This number is…
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Memorial Weekend 2012 DUI/OVI Stops in Columbus: Understanding Your Rights

Memorial Day is a holiday in which we celebrate the service given by the men and women of our Armed Forces throughout the decades. People choose to celebrate this holiday (which generally marks the beginning of summer) in many ways. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and local police departments, including the Columbus Division of Police,…
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Columbus OVI Lawyer Brian Joslyn Examines Statistics Revealing Increased OVI Enforcement Stops

The Ohio Department of Public Safety announced the statewide activity statistics in the Ohio State Highway Patrol Statistics earlier this week.  The report correlates to recent efforts by Ohio law enforcement to intensify force on a variety of criminal driving offenses.  Statistics show an increase in a majority of police involved activity for crimes concerning highway…
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