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Ohio Operation TRIAD Aims to Reduce Rate of Traffic Violations

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has an aggressive driving prevention program known as Operation TRIAD (Targeting Reckless, Intimidating, and Aggressive Drivers). Law enforcement runs its TRIAD events in specifically targeted areas. These events are not held on a regular basis, but instead take place at various times throughout the year whenever it is determined that…
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Ohio Begins Arson Registry Database

An important piece of criminal defense legislation was passed late last year and implementation has begun as of July 1, 2013. According to the new law, passed by the Ohio General Assembly, those convicted of arson-related crimes will be required to register in a database, similar to the sex-offender database currently used across the nation….
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Columbus Attorney Discusses Ohio Supreme Court Order to Require Legal Consult for Juveniles

In what can be a complex system for anyone, the Ohio legal system can both overwhelm and intimidate those who do not have a strong grasp of the subject. This is particularly the case for minors accused of juvenile offenses. The vast majority will be unaware of their rights and the legal protection that is…
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Attorney Brian Joslyn Discusses Debate Around Juvenile Programs For Mentally Ill Youth

According to a new report on the status of Ohio’s youth prison system by the Department of Youth Services, the state needs to amend its juvenile correction program, immediately.  Specifically, the Department of Youth Services is urging the state to find a way to pay for and transport juvenile offenders in Ohio who are considered…
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Ohio Police Increase Holiday OVI Arrests; Columbus OVI Defense Attorney Brian Joslyn Discusses The Increase and Ohio OVI Laws

This year, in an effort to decrease car accident deaths related to impaired driving during the holiday season, Ohio state police and the Ohio Department of Public Safety (OSHP) are making an extra effort to catch individuals driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Ohio Holiday OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence of…
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Columbus Sex Crime Lawyer Explains Proposed Ohio Rape Kit DNA Testing Legislation

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued an $850,000 initiative urging Ohio police to send all rape kits to local or state forensic crime labs for DNA testing. The project intends to help victims of sexual abuse cases dating as far back as the early 1990’s bring their attackers to justice. DeWine believes about half of…
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