Ohio Penalties For Domestic Violence

The court imposed penalties for domestic violence depends upon the facts of each case, with stricter penalties being enforced for felony domestic violence. In addition to fines, many require mandatory prison sentences.

 Misdemeanor of the First Degree- Domestic assault, endangering children, menacing by stalking and protection order violations can all be Misdemeanors of the First Degree. Maximum punishments can include jail time up to 180 days, and/or a fine up to $1,000.

 Felony of the Fifth Degree-  Domestic violence charges that can be this degree of felony are violations of protection order or domestic assault. Punishments for this degree of felony can include imprisonment up to one year and/or fines not exceeding $2,500.

 Felony of the Fourth Degree- Domestic assault, menacing by stalking and endangering children can all be punishable as felonies of the fourth degree. Penalties for these felonies can include imprisonment for up to 18 months, and/or fines up to $5,000.

 Felony of the Third DegreeViolations of protection orders, sexual battery, assault and endangering children can be felonies of the third degree. These offenses can incur prison sentences up to five years, and/or fines not to exceed $10,000.

 Felony of the Second Degree- Sexual battery and endangering children can be felonies of the second degree, and a conviction for these offenses can incur prison sentences up to eight years, and/or fines not to exceed $15,000.

 Minimum ImprisonmentMany domestic violence offenses require a mandatory minimum prison sentence, depending on the severity of the offense, the victim of the offense, and whether the offense was aggravated.

 Reporting Probation- This the type of probation is the sort of probation you may have heard about.  You will be assigned to a probation officer and you must keep in contact with this officer throughout your probationary period.  He or she may demand of you that you take certain drug tests or that you show proof of attendance at certain treatment programs.

 Non-Reporting Probation- This type of probation still requires you to report in to the probation department to fill in their forms and pay their small fees.  But once this is done, there is nothing else so long as you comply with the orders of the judge.  In fact, the only significance of it is that were you to get another conviction of the type forbidden by the judge’s order, then you will not only be in jeopardy of the sentence on this new charge, but you will also have to come back before the judge in the DV case and explain to him or her why the suspended days of your sentence should not be enforced against you immediately and completely.

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When faced with domestic violence charges, a lot is a stake. You are at risk of losing your freedom and paying steep fines. Having skilled legal counsel on your side can increase the chances of a favorable outcome in your case.

The attorneys at the Joslyn Law Firm have years of experience representing individuals with complex domestic violence charges. The Joslyn Law Firm has a proven track record of criminal defense success, including receiving dismissals and not guilty verdicts in criminal cases.

Should you or a loved one be faced with domestic violence charges, do not go at it alone. Contact the the Joslyn Law Firm at (614) 444-1900 or send an online message to schedule a free consultation.

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