Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit and Specialized Prosecution

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Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit and Specialized Prosecution

District attorney’s offices throughout Ohio pursue offenses labeled domestic violence with a particular level of intensity. Prosecutors are pursuing some cases with even the slightest amount of evidence to support the DV charge. Some counties including Franklin County have domestic violence prosecution teams that are specific to pursuing only domestic violence crimes in Columbus, Ohio.

There are several reasons for this. First, DV cases often involve children, either as victims or as witnesses to the crime. Protection of children from violence is of paramount importance to the State of Ohio.  Courts in Central Ohio are no exception.

 Second, courts in Ohio have seen an increasing awareness of the historical lack of equality between men and women.  Some inequality is, on average, undeniable when it comes to body size, strength and structure.  In such situations, the law steps in to even things out, imposing consequences upon those who seek to settle their disputes with family members through violence.

 Third, even minor violent acts against family members can and often do escalate to far more serious acts of violence in the future.  By imposing a set of penalties, which becomes more serious with each infraction, society hopes to deter this spiral upward.

Specially Trained Prosecution Dedicated to Domestic Violence Cases

Although all prosecutors in the Columbus City Attorney’s Office handle domestic violence cases, there is also a Domestic Violence Unit which has several specially trained prosecutors assigned to handle only domestic violence cases.  These specialized prosecutors handle cases involving repeat assaults, egregious acts of violence, and victims that are high risk (including the elderly, children, and the disabled). 

The Columbus City Attorney’s Office also supports a Stalking Unit within the Domestic Violence Unit, created in 1988, to investigate menacing by stalking complaints, assist in evidence collection, and support stalking victims.  Additionally, the Stalking Unit can assist victims in obtaining anti-stalking Civil Protection Orders.  This Unit facilitates prosecution and provides education, support, counseling, crisis intervention and overall assistance to victims of domestic violence and stalking

Victim Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence and Related Charges

Additionally, the Domestic Violence Unit has several courtroom advocates who work in tandem with various community liaisons to provide a variety of services to domestic violence victims.  In cooperation with community organizations like CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence, Southeast Mental Health Service, Legal Aid, and Franklin County Children’s Services, the Columbus City Attorney’s Office provides a centralized resource and support system within the Unit.  These advocates often provide a wavering witness with encouragement to appear at trial and to testify.  

Joslyn Law Firm | Columbus Domestic Violence Lawyer

The state of Ohio is prosecution focused when it comes to domestic violence charges. The state has equipped special investigation teams and prosecution teams to handle alleged abusers. If faced with domestic violence charges, it is important to have a highly skilled attorney working on your behalf.

Attorney Brian Joslyn of Joslyn Law Firm has extensive trial experience defending individuals against domestic violence charges. He and the team of attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm work hard to achieve the best possible results for clients. Even in the most challenging cases, Brian Joslyn has achieved positive outcomes, including dismissal and not guilty verdicts.

Experienced criminal defense attorney, Brian Joslyn is proven to provide sound legal representation throughout this entire difficult process. If you would like the advice and representation of a qualified and dedicated attorney, call the Joslyn Law Firm at (614) 444-1900 or send an online message to schedule a free consultation.

The Joslyn Law Firm represents individuals with domestic violence charges through Ohio, including Delaware County and the surrounding counties, including Pickaway County, Madison County, Franklin County, Licking County and Fairfield County

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