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Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Representing and Defending Individuals who have Incurred Criminal Charges in the Federal Court System and Assisting them throughout their Criminal Cases

Federal charges are serious allegations of federal law violations that are filed against an individual by a federal prosecutor in federal court. Even crimes that would normally be prosecuted in state court can lead to federal charges under some circumstances.

Federal charges may be implicated in cases in which interstate commerce is involved (i.e., when criminal transactions and illegal activities cross state lines), a large criminal operation is involved, the accused violates one or more federal statutes, or federal investigators or other federal officials are involved in the investigation and arrest process. When imposing penalties in federal criminal cases, sentencing judges do not have a lot of discretion. They are required to use the extremely harsh Federal Sentencing Guidelines when determining sentences for offenders.

If you have been charged with a federal crime or are awaiting trial in a federal court, it is most important that you have a lawyer on your side who regularly handles these legal matters and who deals with federal prosecutors and judges on a regular basis. Federal criminal defense lawyer Brian Joslyn and the legal team at the Joslyn Law Firm can assist you with every aspect of your federal criminal case and zealously advocate for your legal interests in court and when dealing with federal prosecutors. Call us today at (614) 444-1900 or contact us online to discover how we could assist you with your legal matter today. 

Common Federal Criminal Charges 

Criminal offenses that cross state lines or involve federal law can proceed in the federal court system. Common charges that could involve federal law include white-collar crimes and securities fraud, criminal drug offenses including distribution and trafficking charges, conspiracy charges, RICO violations, public corruption, tax evasion or fraud, bankruptcy fraud, healthcare fraud, mail or wire fraud, weapons violations, kidnapping, child pornography, and online sex crimes.

White-collar crimes are often committed by corporate professionals or investors who have inside information or otherwise seek unlawful and wrongful financial gain. These criminal enterprises are often extensive and can implicate federal laws and/or cross state lines. Examples of white-collar crimes include embezzlement, forgery, identity theft, and money laundering, which involves trying to conceal the illegal origins of money. Information regarding other common federal crimes includes:

  • Criminal drug offenses can involve drug rings that extend beyond state borders. Drug charges could involve simple possession of a controlled substance, as well as trafficking or distribution charges. Any individual who participates in one of these illegal drug transactions – even minimally – could incur federal charges.
  • A person could face a federal conspiracy charge, such as in a federal drug conspiracy case, if the accused and one or more other persons agree to commit a crime and take a “substantial step” that furthers the criminal enterprise. Even if the accused is not the main participant in the conspiracy, he or she could still receive a conviction and be subject to the same penalties as the primary conspirators who had a more direct role in the conspiracy.
  • Public corruption charges typically include illegal acts performed by public officials or individuals who are running for public office, such as federal bribery charges, while tax fraud could involve cheating on income taxes or failing to pay income taxes on time.
  • Firearm violations and charges can include both illegal possession and sale of firearms — or possessing a firearm without the necessary registration or permit. A person could also incur federal charges if he or she commits a federal crime while using a firearm.
  • An individual could face online sex crime charges if he or she is caught possessing child pornography or engages in human trafficking or prostitution online.
  • Racketeering charges under RICO can result when a criminal enterprise engages in at least to specified crimes, which include weapons offense, drug trafficking, violent crimes, money laundering, and more. RICO charges can target every member of the criminal organization even if individual members were not involved in a particular offense.

Proving Guilt in a Federal Case

Federal prosecutors have a high burden of proof when it comes to proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for a federal charge. An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can assist by developing the strongest possible legal defense to your criminal charge and communicating with the prosecutor. If a federal prosecutor cannot satisfy all of the legal elements of your federal charge, he or she should not be able to secure a conviction against you. This could result in your federal charge — and your criminal case — being dismissed. 

Potential Penalties upon Conviction

Once a prosecutor satisfies their burden of proof for a guilty verdict or someone pleads guilty to a federal offense, it is up to a federal judge to determine the sentence and penalties. In making this determination, sentencing judges must follow the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in most situations, which are very strict.

The ultimate penalty imposed by a sentencing judge depends on the seriousness of the crime with which you have been charged and all of the facts and circumstances involved. However, even convictions for federal misdemeanor offenses can carry harsh criminal penalties, including costly monetary fines and jail time. 

A federal criminal conviction on your record could also ruin your personal and professional reputation and impact you for the remainder of your life. For example, a federal conviction on your record could make it hard for you to find employment, obtain a professional license, qualify for federal benefits, or find a place to live.

Federal convictions and penalties are very serious business, and it could be difficult for you to get leniency from a judge without the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer could argue on your behalf at a sentencing hearing and ask that a judge impose the lightest possible penalty available under the Guidelines.

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