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Federal Drug Investigations Lawyer

Helping Individuals Facing Federal Drug Charges to Safeguard Their Constitutional and Legal Rights throughout the Entire Investigation Process 

Illegal possession and use of drugs can lead to violent crime sprees. Consequently, drug charges are heavily pursued and investigated by prosecutors in the federal system, and a conviction could result in heavy fines, prison time, and other penalties that cannot be taken lightly. Federal judges will use the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines when imposing criminal penalties for a drug conviction.

When it comes to federal drug investigations, law enforcement officers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make an arrest. By the same token, federal prosecutors are under pressure to charge you with as many criminal drug offenses as possible. If you are the subject of a federal drug investigation, it is essential that you find experienced legal representation as early on in the process as possible. Attorney Brian Joslyn of the Joslyn Law Firm has an excellent track record when it comes to successfully defending drug cases that are pending in the federal court system. Our legal team can also guide you through the investigation process and ensure that your legal and constitutional rights are protected at all times. 

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Collecting Evidence in a Federal Drug Case

The first stage of any federal drug investigation is collecting relevant evidence. This evidence is then used to prosecute suspected individuals and may also be used at any criminal trial. The primary purpose of any investigation in a drug case is to maximize the amount and types of evidence obtained, allowing the police to arrest as many individuals as possible and allowing federal prosecutors to charge as many individuals as possible. Investigations in federal drug cases generally consist of either of the following:

  • Small-scale drug investigations, where the federal government specifically targets a single drug organization or cartel and makes multiple arrests
  • Large-scale drug investigations, where federal undercover agents set about identifying various large-scale drug operations by conducting drug stings and using search warrants and drug busts

Also, in an attempt to collect evidence to be used during federal drug proceedings, police officers may pull over drivers whom they suspect may have illegal drugs on their person. If the officers are able to obtain the evidence necessary to make an arrest, the evidence recovered could be used against the accused in order for federal prosecutors to obtain a conviction. Moreover, individuals who are arrested during the early stages of a federal drug investigation might be asked to work as informants. The information that federal investigators learn from informants could then be used to make additional arrests.

The Role of a Confidential Informant in a Large-Scale Drug Investigation

Confidential informants often play a crucial role in large-scale drug investigations that take place at the federal level. Confidential informants, who are sometimes known as CI’s or criminal informants, are oftentimes individuals who played a relatively minor role in a criminal drug operation. These individuals, in turn, are offered some form of leniency (such as dropped charges or a period of probation), in exchange for feeding investigators with information that they have about a criminal drug operation. CI’s could take part in any of the following activities:

  • Wearing a wire in order to obtain information from other suspected individuals in a drug spree and feed that information to the police or federal investigators
  • Participating in controlled buys for purposes of identifying and prosecuting other individuals involved in a criminal drug operation

Information that investigators obtain through a CI can then be used to arrest other individuals at various levels of the criminal drug operation. This information could also be used as evidence and introduced against the accused at the trial and/or at other courtroom proceedings.

If you are a target in a federal drug investigation, CI’s could provide federal investigators with devastating evidence which could be used to arrest or convict you of a felony offense. This is especially true if federal prosecutors are pursuing conspiracy charges arising out of a large-scale drug operation. In those instances, even minor involvement could result in a conviction and jail time. An experienced federal drug investigations attorney could help you weigh the pros and cons of working as a CI if you are given the opportunity, and help you make the best decision in your case.

Bringing Federal Drug Investigations to a Close

Following numerous arrests, the majority of federal drug investigations are wrapped up with individual indictments for each of the participants in the drug operation – or by way of a joint indictment for drug conspiracy. Some federal prosecutors will take certain cases to trial, while at other times, the prosecutor may resolve the case by way of a plea deal. 

Prosecutors will use all of the evidence they have obtained during the course of an investigation – including evidence that they lawfully obtained from a CI – to charge and convict as many individuals as possible with both drug charges and other federal charges when applicable. Some common charges that may accompany drug offenses involve:

  • Conspiracy
  • RICO
  • Weapons
  • Money laundering

A federal drug investigations lawyer could help by developing a strong defense on your behalf and pursuing a dismissal of your criminal charge, or by negotiating a favorable plea deal with a federal prosecutor on your behalf.

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If you are facing federal drug charges, you need an experienced attorney on your side who understands the investigation process and who will work with you to fight your charges. Attorney Brian Joslyn and team at the Joslyn Law Firm understands the seriousness of federal drug charges and the potential penalties upon conviction. We can assist you with putting on your best possible case and minimizing any consequences.

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