Ohio Man Allegedly Killed Infant Son in Warren

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On April 29th, an indictment was unsealed for 27-year-old Cody Colwell for the murder and felonious assault of his two children. Colwell, a Warren County resident, was charged after his 2-month-old son Cayden Colwell died in a suspicious manner. 

Authorities found the child after responding to a 911 call. The call was from Colwell who stated Cayden had suddenly become unresponsive in their Clearcreek Township home. The infant was then hospitalized and died hours later after being taken off life support. 

Prosecutors are now stating the child suffered from a blunt force injury while his three-year-old brother had multiple bruises on his body. A grand jury hearing was held on April 26th for Colwell in connection to his son’s death two weeks ago. Currently, court files reveal Colwell has not secured legal representation yet.

Murder is an incredibly serious violent crime and a first-degree charge can result in life in prison. Second-degree murder charges can lead to a sentencing between fifteen years to life.

This blog was updated on May 1, 2019.

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