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New Ohio Law Changes Who Can Have Criminal Records Sealed

Ohio is one of several states that has taken measures to help residents seal their criminal records. Now, a new state law is giving more people the opportunity to suppress past convictions. Senate Bill 143 amended the definition of "eligible offender" who may apply for sealing under the Conviction Record Sealing Law. Previously the law only permitted the sealing of one felony and one misdemeanor conviction… Read more

Supreme Court Ruling Says Drivers Can Challenge Breathalyzer Results

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that defendants facing drunk driving charges can challenge the accuracy of their breathalyzer tests, potentially changing the outcome of thousands of cases throughout the state. Defendants now will be allowed to challenge the information received from their tests by obtaining data from prior results generated by the alcohol tester into which they blew,… Read more

Proposed Bill Could Require More People To Register As Sex Offenders

A bill proposed in the Ohio legislature last month could require people convicted of public indecency to register as sex offenders if children were their intended targets. Sen. Tim Schaffer, R-Lancaster, introduced Senate Bill 358 in September in response to an incident earlier this year in Baltimore, Ohio, according to Cleveland.com. Police caught a 46-year-old man flashing school buses from the window… Read more

Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Ohio Gains Support

Ohio is one of several states that has not moved to support medical marijuana, but organizations and politicians, including gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald, still are hoping to see the measure on a future ballot. FitzGerald said Wednesday he supports legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio, according to Cincinnati.com. He said the drug, which still is illegal in the state, could help alleviate the… Read more

Ohio Program Helps Violent Crime Victims Get Compensation

Violent crime reports in major Ohio cities have decreased in the past two years, but victims of certain violent attacks still could seek compensation for the losses they incurred because of the crimes. The Ohio Attorney General's Office offers the Crime Victims Compensation Program which allows people who are victims of violent crimes to apply for compensation to help with various costs associated… Read more

Proposed Bill Could Change Sentencing for Low-Level Felonies in Ohio

Judges in Ohio could have more leeway in sentencing low-level felons to prison time rather than probation and treatment programs if a proposed bill gains support and makes its way through the legislature this session. State Rep. Nick Barborak introduced House Bill 251 nearly a year ago, according to cleveland.com, but the measure still has not made its way to the House floor for a full vote. The bill… Read more

Sisters Brutally Assaulted in Ohio

Police in Cincinnati Ohio have issued an arrest warrant for a 25 year old woman who they say brutally assaulted two sisters outside of an apartment building. The incident was recorded on a cell phone and the alleged offender can be seen, along with a group of females, punching and kicking the victims numerous times. Crimes of this nature are common in certain parts of Ohio. One of the most commonly… Read more

White Collar Crime and Fraud in Ohio

This week a former resident of Dublin, Ohio plead guilty to multiple charges involved in a massive fraud scheme, including money laundering, wire fraud, filing false tax returns and other white collar offenses. His scheme, involving false investments in real estate, totaled over $10 million. This situation is obviously an extreme case, but white collar crime is not uncommon, and there are many different… Read more

Sexual Relations with a Minor can Lead to Serious Penalties

A hearing yesterday resulted in a former Franklin County bus driver being sentences to 30 days in prison for engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old boy on the bus that she drove. The 23 year-old driver will also serve 3 years on probation, pay a fine of $500 and be forced to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years. Her relationship with the boy was consensual, but Ohio Rev. Code § 2907.04… Read more

President's Remarks Fuel Marijuana Debates

The recent statements made by President Obama have brought new fervor to the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana. With the drug being considered for medical uses and legalized in various forms across each state, controversy surrounding the topic has already been running high. A comment made by the President questions whether marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol. This has tipped off discussion… Read more

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