Ohio Dealers and the Drug Business

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Brian Joslyn of Joslyn Law Firm was recently quoted in a WKYC NBC 3 story about the drug trade in Ohio. The story entitled “Drugs big business for Ohio dealers,” mainly discusses drug distribution in the state and the plight of low level drug dealers.

Most illegal drugs in Ohio come from Mexico and control of the trade in the state lays in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The high level drug dealers in the state don’t generally use the drugs they sell illegally but often pay underlings in illicit merchandise.

Carl Rider and agent with the Ottawa County Drug Task Force explained to WKYC 3 that drugs come into the largest cities in Ohio and from there the drugs are pushed out to rural areas. Since Ohio is situated in the Midwest, it makes sense for drugs to be transported through the area. Rider also explained that high level drug dealers trust only a select few mid-level dealers who distribute and supply the low level dealers who sell to the public.   

Lower level dealers and even mid-level dealers are arrested regularly. Arresting higher level dealers is a much more difficult thing to do. Joslyn told WKYC 3 that “(The higher-up dealers) do a very good job of using people who make little to no money.” Joslyn said that his clients are often offered deals by federal agents to cooperate in providing information on high level dealers. Joslyn says, however, that higher level dealers are good at compartmentalizing their businesses so that even if a low level grunt wanted to cooperate with federal agents, they simply would not have much information to provide. 

Joslyn, said that the low level dealers are usually just given some money to deliver drugs from point A to point B.

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