What Is A “No Contest” Plea in Columbus?

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When it comes to the matters of law, various terms are in use by attorneys that take everyday individuals by surprise. But if you are currently involved in a court case, then it gets all the more vital for you to learn about these jargons and the deeper meaning behind them. 

One such term is “no contest” plea. Derived from the Latin phrase “nolo contendere,” which translates to “I do not wish to contend,” the appeal is often used in court cases relating to many scenarios. 

So what is a no-contest plea in Columbus, Ohio, and what does it mean for your court case? Let’s find out. 

Understanding a No Contest Plea in Columbus Ohio

A no-contest plea refers to the scenario where a defendant does not want to contest the charges against them or the judgment of the court based on those charges. 

A no-contest plea is different from a not-guilty plea, where a defendant decides to contest the charges and lets the judge set a date for a trial. But it is also in contrast from a guilty plea, where a defendant accepts all charges and doesn’t want to fight against them. 

It’s because, in a no-contest plea, the defendant does not explicitly accept any wrongdoing against the law. But at the same time, they leave their fate in the hands of the court by not contesting the charges made against them.

In Columbus, OH, a no-contest plea is allowed and used by defendants who don’t want to plead guilty but also desire to accept the court’s judgment without any arguments. 

When to Use a No Contest Plea?

A no-contest plea often comes into the picture when the defendant doesn’t want any admission of guilt in a criminal case to go on their record. As a defendant, this can save you from future lawsuits for damages that directly relate to your responsibility for the crime in question. 

Since you bear no admission of guilt for the crime committed, any resulting damages cannot be put against you by default. Cases such as reckless driving or aggravated assault are prime examples of using a no-contest plea to avoid future lawsuits for damages.

Apart from saving yourself from future lawsuits, you can also use a no-contest plea in Columbus, Ohio, when the prosecution offers you a plea bargain. By taking the no-contest plea route, you can avail the prosecution’s offer of a reduced sentence without admitting to any responsibility for the crime in question.  

Should You Take a No Contest Plea?

The benefits of taking a no-contest plea include a reduced court trial period and often a reduced sentence. But the biggest downside is that the request doesn’t acquit you of criminal charges. 

That is why taking a no contest plea is a tricky aspect and requires an in-depth analysis as well as firsthand knowledge of the case. Depending upon where your case stands and what kind of evidence the prosecution presents against you, your criminal defense attorney may present the no-contest plea as an option for you to consider.

With that being said, taking a no-contest plea depends upon your judgment. While your criminal defense attorney can only advise you, the ultimate decision lies on your shoulders. 

To get more information on how a no contest plea in Columbus, Ohio, can work in your case, feel free to reach out to us today. We will be glad to use our extensive expertise to take a look at your situation and provide you with legal advice that caters to your best interests. 


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