Annie’s Law Awaits Governor’s Stamp of Approval

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Inspired by the 2013 incident where a repeat drunk driving offender hit and killed Annie Rooney as she rode her bike, Ohio lawmakers are waiting for the final go-ahead from Governor Kasich. House Bill 388, better known as “Annie’s Law,” purports to prevent repeat DUI offenders from putting other drivers and pedestrians in danger by imposing more strict precautions on repeat offenders.

If Governor John Kasich approves of this bill, all automobiles owned by DUI offenders will require ignition interlock devices. These devices will require the driver to pass a Breathalyzer test to operate the vehicle.

Also, this bill will require cameras to be installed in these vehicles to record whether or not DUI offenders are complying with the Breathalyzer test. Furthermore, the bill proposes a GPS tracking system to keep record of the car’s location.

Both chambers have voted on the bill. The bill now requires Governor Kasich’s approval before becoming law.

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